Where is the LOVE? Interview with Big Buddha

Where is the LOVE?

Some years ago, Weed World spoke to our very own 'Milo' the Big Buddha of Big Buddha Seeds about his love for high grade marijuana....this is how it went...

Hello there Big Buddha welcome back to Weed world, tell us about yourself?
Hi there, its an absolute honour to be back on the interviewee end writing those previous interviews enabled me to meet so many established breeders in the industry, ok about myself, well I was raised in the midlands area, from an early age (about 14) started smoking spliffs (mostly red seal and soapbar) grew my first plant out into the garden when I was 15, I  had planted into a nice sunny spot straight into the ground but even though it didn’t finish I had this 6 foot monster in full view of local suburbia, I didn’t really try anything because at that time I had started to deal, it wasn’t till I was about 18 when  I had my first attempt indoors from cutting by my friends from that point on everywhere I would go or do involved growing or selling the best connoisseur grade marijuana around ,  it has always been a true love in my life,  After reading great magazines like High Times , Red Eye, and yourselves I invested in a nice digital camera  to send in pics of my crop this was when I met the editor, he saw my enthusiasm and so got me to start writing articles, At the same time I was growing, brokering, and working when I came upon the cheese, I was scoring it first for many years and at the time it was pretty much a well guarded clone, nobody would pass a clone to us, until a very good friend acquired it, that was it! When I produced my first crop of cheese I immediately knew what to do with it, make this available to everyone to enjoy. At that time a lot of trouble happened, people around me were getting busted so I opted to move away to Spain I spent time in the southern Spanish growing belt, learning a little more about the way of the land, We are now currently residing between  Spain, England and also have manufacturers based in Switzerland

Tell us about your varieties?
Well until now it has been the Big Buddha cheese, an afghan x cheese backcrossed to a total of 5 times, The BBC has been absolutely incredible, for the 1st time a seed representation of a clone only strain, it has taken over 2 years of hard work, selecting , backcrossing, growing out, testing, but we have finally got there, The BBC has a sublime taste described as a very old school strain, admittedly,  there have been reports of different phenos but the main goal was to have that sublime old skool cheese taste which I have got dialled in, and for all our customers to enjoy.  I believe that when you buy seeds you should get a real good representation of what’s described, all of our genetics are as so, the UK cheese is a very special plant, and its taste and smell are totally unique in the cannabis market. It’s so funny whenever we go out there’s such a prominent stench of dank goodness following us around! We have also reports of the BBC has bought up the price of marijuana in the UK again raising the bar in the cannabis world.
Our latest offering is the Blue Cheese (see front cover)we started by growing between us, several different breeder versions of Blueberry the resulting males all got crossed with our cheese female the resulting seeds were then grown out and the resulting male was selected out of  around 70 different blueberry x cheese males.
The Blue cheese is a very tight compact flower with a distinguished purple hues near finishing, the smell and taste is really funky indeed man, the body of the smoke is primarily cheese with a hint of blueberry fruit goodness, we have always loved Blueberry and its crosses but have never found a Blueberry which “hits” until now that is!! Everyone who has tried or have experience with the Cheese will be amazed by our Blue Cheese especially with its highly desirable resin content and flavour; generous yields assure us that this variety will become a future classic

Your preferred method of growing?
Definitely by soil, however some of my crew grow hydroponically using bubble buckets and in coco with amazing results and a good clean taste especially with the BBC, more recently have been growing out crops using a coco/soil mix with some excellent results and a full bodied taste,  Nutrients, we have been consistently using Advanced Nutrients from Canada, and are currently producing data for them in Europe using their products, very reliable, both synthetic and organic range are great, it all depends on your own situation, are you growing for profit? Yield? Taste? Ease of growth? Every grower has their own motives. Take care of your plants and give them some good attention and they will return you with their beautiful fruits,

And finally, what does the future hold for BigBuddha seeds?
Well, we just got back from the Uk hemp expo at Wembly, London, it was a major success, as well as meeting up with most of the Uk industry and meeting some excellent growers for the first time, On our stall, thousands of people got to know the B.B Cheese, also, we are entering the BBC into the High Times cannabis cup seedbank indica competition in Amsterdam, hopefully we should do well. We are also constantly pushing the BBC to celebrities to endorse, so far we have smoked with Howard Marks, Noel Gallagher, Jamiroquai, Bez from the Happy Mondays, even the new single from Sean Paul mentions the cheese, from when we gave him some last year, I so believe in our products so the more we can promote our Uk Cheese all around the world! Many thanks to the new guys at weed world, you guys are defiantly leading the way in the UK,

Peace and Love
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